Thursday, October 6, 2011

Good News

The delay is now lifted! After some extreme trial and error, which then lead to several mental anxiety attacks...I finally found a solution to what was by far the weirdest bug I have ever had with a GTA Model.

Upon applying textures to my model and following through with the standard exportation and installation on the game, the model would no matter what, not apply the new textures. This was not a simple problem of a typo somewhere in a file name; however the solution did turn out to be rather simple. I had begun to think that the problem was definitely not the .txd, as everything was done proper and rechecked millions of times over, yet somehow (only god could really know), the file had become corrupted even after replacing it and re-extracting it from stock .IMG's several times. All it took to fix the problem was buidling a new .txd file, by extracting and adding all of the textures from the original GTA one.

Forbid further head needs a rest.

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