Thursday, October 6, 2011

Good News

The delay is now lifted! After some extreme trial and error, which then lead to several mental anxiety attacks...I finally found a solution to what was by far the weirdest bug I have ever had with a GTA Model.

Upon applying textures to my model and following through with the standard exportation and installation on the game, the model would no matter what, not apply the new textures. This was not a simple problem of a typo somewhere in a file name; however the solution did turn out to be rather simple. I had begun to think that the problem was definitely not the .txd, as everything was done proper and rechecked millions of times over, yet somehow (only god could really know), the file had become corrupted even after replacing it and re-extracting it from stock .IMG's several times. All it took to fix the problem was buidling a new .txd file, by extracting and adding all of the textures from the original GTA one.

Forbid further head needs a rest.

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Slight Delay

Unfortunately I have run into a small delay with the map project I talked about below. No, I'm quitting on it, but there's a serious modeling issue which has just got me nipped:

The textures are not appearing in-game.

This isn't your typical issue where I forget to replace the .txd file. I have done the export and import procedures 100x over by now, and I'm still not having any luck with what's going on. I've put aside Collisions as being the problem, as they affect nothing of textures, so then I attacked the TXD, which I re-created, re-imported, exported it from the .img after it didn't work, and yet it is indeed my modded one. The texture names match, format matches, it is compressed, all the typical yada. This has lead me to believe that it is not the TXD files fault. So, the only thing left is the .dff which also appears to be perfect after exporting it from the .img and reimporting into Zmodeler. My guess is that something has been enabled or done to the model in Zmodeler that is causing it to export incorrectly or possibly flip / manipulate the model. The funny part is, that half of the model IS textured w/ it's correct mapping and texture, yet somehow the other half remains default. I will note that I had another issue with my second model (which I ended up fixing, somehow..) in which after exporting, the Material was still applied as it's old one, and after a few hundred more exports, it finally switched to it's new and proper material, and then the UV mapping was incorrect; a few hundred more and it worked.

If anyone has any damn clue of whats going on, please hit me up on MSN or make a shout --->
Any and all help is much appreciated. I have tested many different zmodeler versions and even completely retextured the model, but I'm having no results.

Saturday, September 17, 2011

New Map Announcement!

Alright, well: Sorry to announce to all that my previous map project, as seen below, was cancelled some time ago. Unfortunately, I am usually an idiot when it comes to moddeling projects, and always start a lot of crap that I cannot finish, or that I create in a very poor manner, only to finally stop creating after the entire thing is made; leaving me with a whole bunch of wasted time.

The good news is, like always; All of that time wasted modeling may not lead to map production and releases, but it does lead to more experience and knowledge in doing so. So, I am announcing that a new map will be released Very shortly.

This map will use the 2 objects you've seen below (Pit Garage and Stands), as well as a whole wack of extra's, to create a medium quality, medium length racetrack built-in to the default San Andreas landscape. Some things on this map will never have been seen before, and will only add to the awesomeness of the track. Currently this is the only project I have on the go, and if successful could lead to something much, much bigger.

I would say that the main problem I've had all these years is actually sitting down and taking the time to just get modeling for even 5 minutes and start a project, knowing my last ones were failures. Somehow I've gotten a bit better in doing so, and the result of that is this new map, which is around 70% done at this moment, and hopefully will only take a few more days to complete. So keep checking this blog for updates or visit GTAInside for the next week to see when it arrives!

Sorry, no pictures or hints! I promise that it will be of satisfactory quality.

Sunday, April 3, 2011

"Map" Progress

I will try to keep posting updates like I did with Robada, and hopefully this map will actually be completed!

Here is some of the progress so far:

This is the Grand Stand. I didn't add realistic rows of benches for the players to sit on, for the reason that these ^ will work better for GTA. It also has the private booths with windows at the top for the important pricks to chill in :P

Basic Pit Garages.

The actual track itself has only the road layed out, and I am currently working on the terrain. But then again, this is only track #1 of 3. Still to be layed out is the massive Touge / Hillclimb and Meihan Sportspark, but I will plan to release the map one at a time, and when all 3 are done, release the final combo edition :D

Far hopes and dreams, but I may as well do it.

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Onevia Redesign

Just a quick post here for all you replicators (awsome Star Trek reference), I will be completely redesigning the onevia that you all know. After looking closely at some of my favorite tuned cars, I think I finally found out what takes a car to that "Extra sexy" stage, and will hopefully be able to apply that to the Onevia. Might have to create my own bodykit for the job, but will look for RL references.

Also there may be a Map Test video coming up shortly.

Monday, January 17, 2011

Onevia Update - -?-?-?-

???Quick notification that the chaser seen below is not nearly as sexy as the one that now exists. ???No???P??ics???s??h?o??wn.




Sunday, October 3, 2010

Onevia Update - Less Rice